2018 Local Voters Guide

In this guide, I’ve included my recommendations for down-ballot races and propositions for neighborhoods in District 6. The solutions for traffic, affordability, and public safety require teamwork across our region. I need good partners across the region willing to work with Austin, not against us. So please get out to vote and make your voice heard. Your vote is what will help us get things done in District 6!

Council Member Jimmy Flannigan

Early voting starts October 22. Both Travis and Williamson Counties can vote at Hartfield PAC at McNeil High School!

For more information on each race, check the League of Women Voters Guide Vote411.org!

Download the Election Day handout for Travis County Download the Election Day handout for Williamson County

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Download the Election Day handout for Travis County Download the Election Day handout for Williamson County

State Legislature

Meg Walsh for State Senate 5

Kirk Watson for State Senate 14

Vikki Goodwin for State House 47

Gina Hinojosa for State House 49

Celia Israel for State House 50

John Bucy for State House 136


Blaine Conklin for Williamson County Judge

Omar Kadir for Williamson County Treasurer

Jessica Tiedt for Williamson County Clerk

KT Musselman for Williamson County Justice of the Peace Pct 1

Kasey Redus for Williamson County Commissioner Pct 2

Dana DeBeauvoir for Travis County Clerk

Randall Slagle for Travis County Justice of the Peace Pct 2

Austin Community College

Mitch Fuller for Place 7

Stephanie Gharakhanian for Place 8

Julie Ann Nitsch for Place 9

Round Rock ISD

Danielle Weston for Place 3

Stuart Litwin for Place 4

Amy Weir for Place 5

Steve Math for Place 6

Round Rock Bond: Learn more at bond.roundrockisd.org

Austin ISD

Arati Singh for Place 9

Zachary Price for District 4

Leander ISD

Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia for Place 2

Donnie Mahan for Place 7

City of Austin

Steve Adler for Mayor

For details on the 11 city ballot propositions, visit atxd6.org/2018/10/09/11-things-austinites-can-bond/

For on Proposition A
Affordable Housing Bond

Toss Up on Proposition B

Toss Up on Proposition C

For on Proposition D
Essential flood mitigation funds, including a project in D6

For on Proposition E

For on Proposition F

For on Proposition G

For on Proposition H
Fixes issues related to the Planning Commission

For on Proposition I
Addresses minor issues and errors in the City Charter

Against on Proposition J
Undermines the voting power of District 6 and puts unnecessary delays and costs into future attempts to address affordability, traffic, and flooding

Against on Proposition K
Funded by dark money (undisclosed donors) and will force the city to spend millions on an outside consultant for an audit with questionable results. Read the OpEd by the Statesman Editorial Board.