Fight Property Crime

While Austin has some of the lowest violent crime rates in the nation, we do experience higher property crime rates.  This is especially true in District 6.  The most prevalent area of property crime is car break-ins, especially those left unlocked or with valuables in plain sight.  We can address this problem as a community in a way that's both effective and cost-efficient.  

  • Work with neighborhoods and community leaders to improve communication and education to residents on steps we can take to protect our property
  • Expand Austin Police Department civilian staff assisting residents with neighborhood watch
  • Coordinate with commercial properties and parking lots to educate customers to secure their cars and valuables
  • Increase APD "uncommitted time" to provide more neighborhood patrols and partner with County Sheriff departments to augment in more recently-annexed and isolated parts of the city
  • Fully rebuke my opponent's offensive comments comparing our first-responders to organized crime
  • Reject my opponent's assertion that APD has no role in preventing crime
  • Fully oppose my opponent's short-sighted proposal to cut 10% of all city staff, which would disproportionaly effect the 70% of the budget represented by police, fire, and emergency medical services