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  • wants to volunteer 2016-12-06 07:25:11 -0600

    Join Me for What’s Next in our 2020 Re-election Campaign

    We are standing at a moment in history. Communities are rising up all over our country -- including here in Austin -- demanding that we get to work. If you are among those growing voices, then sign up below as a volunteer to help make it happen. I am proud to fight on the front lines of progress and represent District 6 in the ever-growing city we love. It has been my honor to serve and I look forward to earning your support for a second term.

    —Council Member Jimmy Flannigan

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  • donated 2016-09-11 14:54:39 -0500

    Jimmy Flannigan's Fall Fundraiser

    Join us Sunday, September 25 for Jimmy Flannigan's Fall Fundraiser with remarks by our Congressman Lloyd Doggett.

    Hosted by:

    The Hon. Lloyd Doggett ~ The Hon. Kirk Watson ~ The Hon. Leticia Van de Putte
    The Hon. Sarah Eckhardt ~ The Hon. Eddie Rodriguez ~ The Hon. Celia Israel 
    The Hon. Brigid Shea ~ The Hon. Gina Hinojosa ~ The Hon. Ann Teich
    Molly & The Hon. John Bucy ~ David Albert ~ Becky Beaver ~ The Hon. Valinda Bolton 
    Suzanne Bryant & Sarah Goodfriend ~ The Hon. Cecelia Burke
    Heather Busby & Dan Mowery ~ Elizabeth Christian & The Hon. Bruce Todd
    The Hon. Sheryl Cole ~ Brenda & Roger Collier ~ Judy Cortez ~ The Hon. Debra Danburg
    Mandy Dealey ~ Montserrat Garibay ~ JD Gins & Megan Klein ~ Lyn & Jeremy Hendricks
    The Hon. Annette LoVoi ~ Catherine Mauzy ~ Donna Beth McCormick 
    Mary & Robert Mockley ~ Amy Wong Mok ~ Katie Naranjo ~ Nona Niland
    Janis & Joe Pinnelli ~ Robin Rather ~ Ana Rodriguez DeFrates
    The Hon. Randi Shade & Kayla Shell ~ Lara Wendler & The Hon. Mike Martinez
    Melba & Ted Whatley

    Sunday, September 25th
    1:30 - 3:30 PM
    The Home of Heather Busby & Dan Mowery

    Host Levels:
    $700 ~ $350 ~ $200 ~ $100

    Individual: $50

  • endorsed 2016-06-22 13:34:15 -0500

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