Parks & Lakes

District 6 has a special responsibility to protect our parks, lakes, and green spaces.  Our district includes all of Lake Travis and half of Lake Austin as well as a majority of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve (BCP). In addition, District 6 has very few City-controlled parks compared to other districts but greater access to parks maintained by individual neighborhoods, counties, or surrounding jurisdictions.  We must make sure that District 6 residents have fair and equitable access to public spaces while we maintain our precious environmental resources.

  • Ensure parks budget is allocated appropriately for consistent maintenance for all city parks, even those on the edge of the city in District 6
  • Explore more partnership opportunities with neighborhoods to improve their local parks, through the Neighborhood Partnering Program or private funding
  • Maintain modified water restrictions that strike the right balance between customer needs and long-term lake management