Rising Rents

More than half of Austinites (and almost half of District 6) are renters. Rents in Austin are rising at an astronomical rate, far faster than the combined increase in local taxes.  Providing safe and affordable housing is critical to having an Austin where people can work and live.  District 6 feels the pain when Austin doesn't have sufficient housing. The homes and apartments that would have helped share the cost of roads and infrastructure instead get built on our border in Cedar Park, Brushy Creek, and unincorporated areas. We cannot pretend that we can stop growth and we should not assume that sprawl is a solution to affordability.

  • City policy that recognizes that rent is driven primarily by market forces, not taxation, and that increasing the housing supply is the most powerful tool to curtail rising rents
  • Balance the needs of existing neighborhoods by identifying long-term opportunity areas that can be supported with existing infrastructure (roads, utilities, watershed) and simultaneously protecting areas that would require extensive infrastructure investment to support
  • Ensure completion of a Land Development Code rewrite process that results in a streamlined code that eliminates unproductive costs to development, which should free up resources for better community benefits