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    The Austin Chronicle

    Jimmy Flannigan is the clear choice for voters in Northwest Austin – As chair of Council's Public Safety Com­mit­tee, Flannigan has played a key role both publicly and behind the scenes as Austin aims to "reimagine public safety" – another issue that reflects his commitment to principle over political comfort. Now that City Hall has embarked on this path, Flannigan's leadership and attention to detail will be invaluable to ensure a transition to a police department that keeps all of Austin safe and treats all of Austin well.... no one can doubt his preparedness and commitment on issues facing D6 and Austin.  read more

    Austin American-Statesman

    This Northwest Austin council member serves as the fiscal conscience of the dais. Come budget time, Flannigan reminds his colleagues they don’t have to max out the tax rate, and they might even want to set aside some money in reserve, or at least not dip into reserves now... We appreciate Flannigan, who has voted against two of the past four city budgets, speaking up for weary taxpayers. We urge District 6 voters to give him a second term on the council... as chair of the council’s Public Safety Committee, Flannigan is leading difficult but thoughtful discussions on improving policing in Austin. Voters should allow him to continue that important work.  read more

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