For District 6, public health has never been more top of mind. With so many essential workers in our community, it is imperative that we have a multi-faceted approach – coupled with community-wide standards – for public health. A robust public health strategy means taking care of those in our community who are the most vulnerable or experiencing homelessness, while also fostering a healthy environment and high quality of life. I’ve been a staunch advocate for recent pandemic-related action, including: mask requirements, stay home orders, free testing, preventative care, and funding. With little or confusing direction from our state and federal partners, it is clear that Austin again must lead. 

Public Health measures include:

  • Continued expansion of the community health paramedics program and exploring broader implementation of tele-health options
  • Continued protection of D6-adjacent Lake Travis, Lake Austin, and the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve
  • Expanding high-quality broadband that supports continued telecommuting and remote learning
  • Expanding community solar programs that allow D6 residents to invest in solar energy installed at scale and in more suitable locations
  • Continuing work on our partnership program with faith communities to provide housing and support in addressing homelessness
  • Continuing work to expand recreational facilities for D6 seniors and families

  What we've already accomplished

  • Funded new community health paramedics and tele-health options for 9-1-1 which will divert mental health calls currently handled by police officers
  • Funded new ambulances and EMTs to address growth and gaps in service for District 6
  • Approved purchase of hotels for conversion into temporary and permanent supportive housing for those experiencing homelessness
  • Connected Domestic Violence nonprofits with the Austin Hotel & Lodging Association to provide temporary supportive housing for victims of DV trapped in violent situations during quarantine
  • First new public park added in District 6 near the Davis Spring neighborhood
  • Approved continue divestment of the most-polluting energy sources by Austin Energy