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  • started a monthly donation 2019-12-29 18:55:23 -0600

    Jimmy's 42nd Birthday!

    Celebrate my 42nd birthday as a monthly donor at $42... then join me on December 29th, 5-8pm, back at Serrano's - Lakeline (11100 Pecan Park Blvd) where we celebrated victory in 2016.

    Your early and ongoing support will make a BIG difference headed into the re-election in 2020... it's the early and consistent support that helps build a winning campaign.

  • wants to volunteer 2016-11-11 19:11:52 -0600

    Join Me for What’s Next in our 2020 Re-election Campaign

    We are standing at a moment in history. Communities are rising up all over our country -- including here in Austin -- demanding that we get to work. If you are among those growing voices, then sign up below as a volunteer to help make it happen. I am proud to fight on the front lines of progress and represent District 6 in the ever-growing city we love. It has been my honor to serve and I look forward to earning your support for a second term.

    —Council Member Jimmy Flannigan

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