These are extraordinary times that call for courageous and extraordinary solutions. Defying the ordinary has always been my style —

From the first-of-its-kind Anderson Mill Road Citizen-led Corridor Study in 2015, to being the first openly gay man to serve on the council, to forming a permanent District 6 volunteer political leadership team, and producing my weekly online show The Clawback LIVE! ... the uncommon is common to me.

And in a pandemic where the Texas Governor shirks the responsibility of leadership to dare cities to find the loopholes in state orders, as if protecting Texans is some kind of game or movie with a hidden plot twist... There is no common practice left to follow.

Now is the time for an uncommon approach — a bold and exciting vision that elevates every segment of our community in pursuit of safety, mobility, health, and happiness. We have accomplished so much in our first term — imagine how much more we can get done!