The Clawback

logo-tr.pngWelcome to "The Clawback."

In my more than two years on the Austin City Council, I have spent a considerable amount of time responding to District 6 residents' questions, refuting claims made by political groups, or explaining general misinformation that makes it way into our public discourse. Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter can attest to that! For that reason, I decided to dedicate some time to publishing this critical info – with verifiable data, links, and information from trustworthy sources – for the general public to explore for themselves.

Too often, important information is misrepresented, whether its intentional or not. And as happens all too frequently in our fast moving media and communication environment, and even when those misrepresentations are directly and swiftly addressed, they can remain stuck in our minds like rusty nails. This seems to be the case in particular with thorny, no-clear-answer types of problems we have at the local level.  

"The Clawback" will not attempt to refute rumors or hearsay. "Someone told me..." won't be countered. I will, however, dedicate time and attention to allegations, accusations, stories, or claims made that are published on websites or in the media and backed by  political (or non-political) "organizations." I will be writing these blogs myself, with no help from city staff, so that I can include my own political analysis beyond the limitations of City Hall.

District 6 constituents deserve direct explanations from your council member. And we all deserve a level playing field on which to debate using facts, not falsehoods.

Do you have a question you have heard in your neighborhood that needs an answer?  Have you read a published work that feels off or just not right? Email me at [email protected] for possible inclusion in a future blog post!