The Clawback LIVE! Episode 18

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The Clawback LIVE! Episode 18 covering property crime, an I-35 update, the Census is coming, and another quick election update!


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Episode Transcript

Happy Friday everybody. We're back at the clawback. I hope everybody had a really great week. we didn't have a Council meeting this week so we're gonna talk about a few other topics today but I hope everybody to go out and vote cuz today, Friday is the last day of early voting and if you're watching this video later, you wanna make sure that you hit the polls on Tuesday, We'll talk a little bit more about the election at the end. let's talk about... every time I do this. I worry I'm gonna hit the wrong button. Hey, I hit the right button

Love It Lock It

so some of the.topics I'm gonna talk about today so I I I had a request come from a District 6 neighborhood on a Street. They wanted a new Street light and it's been a very interesting question. some parts of the district don't want street lights and some parts of the district do want Street lights so I went out to meet the neighbors this week to talk to them about their their concerns and what they like to see even knocked on a few doors on that Street to make sure we were reaching everybody. I may go back out again this weekend and do that but in the course of that conversation, they told us about a couple of car break ins that have happened on that Street that they're attributing to the darkness that exists kind of in this gap of the streetlight network and so we were talking about what their experience has been and what happened, and it became clear that the car break-ins were actually doors left unlocked. I can recall being on the campaign trail in 2014 and 2016 walking our neighborhoods knocking on doors seeing a lot of open garage doors with nobody around, with fancy power tools or bicycles, or whatever hanging around and and it turns out folks are still leaving their doors unlocked and this is not a new problem. That's something that the Austin Police Department and our region two district representatives have been working hard on so I wanna show you a quick video that our DRs, our district reps have put together to talk a little bit about their work on property crime and securing your vehicles and your property. [Video] I am Officer John Gabrielson with the Austin Police Department. I'm introducing the Love It Lock It campaign love it lock. It is our new hashtag campaign to reduce property crime in the city of Austin. We wanna remind you to lock your doors. close your garage doors and not leave any items in plain sight. anything that somebody might see as value burglars go shopping. not at the store like you do they go shopping at your car for anything that they perceived to be valuable. We have seen things as simple as a cigarette lighter. Loose change empty gym bag. Any item left in plain sight the Love It Lock It campaign found its genesis with the 9 PM routine out of Pasco County, Florida. In 2017. Pasco County, Florida launched the 9PM routine. They saw a 36 percent reduction in property crime the following year at the same time that they launched the original campaign Love It Lock It. It is in addition to the 9 PM routine, which we are currently doing here in Austin. each night at 9 o'clock, the Austin Police Department sends out a tweet with the hashtag Nine PM routine coupling that hashtag Now with Love It Lock It is a simple reminder to lock your car doors. Close your garage doors and not leave items in plain sight. [Video Ends] So that was our own officer Gabrielson that was a video they produced last year in advance of a public event that they did but it's still important information to keep in mind today Please secure your valuables keep your valuables out of sight out of plain sight in your vehicles or through other windows that will help deter crime and it is incumbent upon all of us to make sure that we're doing our part to secure our own vehicles and our own valuables so that we're not attracting more bad behavior into our neighborhoods.


the next thing I wanna talk about. I-35. you know we took a vote not on the city Council but on CAMPO, which is the regional body that manages State and federal dollars primarily for roads I sit on that as does, Mayor Adler and Council members Alter & Kitchen with a regional body of elected officials and we took a vote that prioritized I-35 as the next major project and in doing so put the pause button on many other projects that had been contemplated in the region pending what the state of Texas would do and the state has finally come through. the transportation commissioners are making the changes they need to make in order to allocate what could be 7, 8 billion dollars 4,5,6 billion dollars. It's it's definitely a B and it's definitely big. in order to reconstruct I-35 through downtown and what we're looking at really is taking the lanes that are right either at surface or above and putting them below surface. Now, some might describe that as a tunnel whether or not TxDOT is doing the tunnel idea versus just lowering leaving the cap for a future project. that's still up in the air. There's also questions about what projects that may have already been approved in the region might be paused in order to secure the necessary funding for I-35. That list was published this week. We're going through that list ourselves to ensure that it makes sense for the projects that are being delayed or other sources source of funds might be allocated to those projects, but a big move and a and a big milestone for the I-35 project to see the State Transportation Commission also make it its priority and allocate The necessary funds to do the big thing through downtown, so that's very exciting and then third.


the census is coming. Hopefully you've seen information about the census in your community in your neighborhoods. it is a very important thing and I think if you're watching this video, you probably know that it's a very important thing it drives how districts are drawn it can have an impact on Gerrymandering. It's who represents you. Texas has been one of the fastest growing States and maybe the fastest growing state over the last 10 years, Austin being one of the fastest growing cities if not the fastest growing city over the last 10 years and under counting in our area's gonna have a real bad effect on our representation at the state and federal level. But on top of that, if we are undercounted, we will lose millions of dollars of your tax money that flows up to the federal government and then comes back in the form of community block grants or other infrastructure projects or other resources from the federal government. We need to make sure that our count is complete that is all the only way we can be sure that we're getting everything that we're putting into the system in Austin, but you'll get a postcard and I'm sure again. If you're watching this video, you will fill out your postcard completely and mail it back in what I'm asking you to do today is talk to other community leaders that you know. we're talking about faith leaders in your church or your synagogue or your mosque or your prayer Center. Talking to your PTA leaders talking to your Optimist Club or Rotary Club or anything that has access to or does work with communities that traditionally don't necessarily trust or fill out the census talking about low income folks Minority communities LGBT these are undercounted populations traditionally in different parts of the country in district six, especially we have a large Asian community. I talk about it often we have the largest Asian community of any of the districts in the city, and it is often an also an undercounted population. We wanna make sure that everybody is on board and letting folks know that the Census is coming and that is really important that everybody be counted from the newborn baby to the oldest member of your household so be on the lookout for those postcards. and if you have other entities or community groups that you want to have more information or want some training on how to get the word out, contact my office. My chief of staff, Marti Bier is working hard on some census work as are many people in this community. we had Alice Yi. Part of the Network of Asian American organizations at our NWAC meeting on Monday night at my monthly town Hall talking about the census amongst the number of other topics. thank you Alice for for making the time for that. make sure that we all get the census out and that we're helping our neighbors understand how important getting the census filled out is I'm gonna put the titles away and we're gonna do our our last thing for the video today a little election update.

Election Update

So if you're watching this video live, it is Friday. It is the last day to vote early. so I really encourage you to do so. the voter turnout has been increasing every single day through early vote. in the District 6 area. If you live in Williamson County, you can vote at the Anderson Mill Limited District or the McNeil High School Performing Arts Center. If you live in Travis County, you can vote at the Randall's either in Steiner Ranch or off of Braker Lane, but also at the McNeil High School Performing Arts Center to my knowledge. The Performing Arts Center at McNeil, is still the only two County early voting site in the entire state of Texas, something we worked hard to accomplish in 2016 and I'm so glad to see both Williamson and Travis Counties continue that new voting site for everybody and thank you to Nina Cavanaugh who keeps our office open our field office on Anderson Mill Road. She is an election worker at the McNeil High School Performing Arts Center. so if you go by to vote there, please say hi to Nina. She's great and gives a lot volunteers a lot for our district and for our community, I wanna show you the chart that Bruce Elfant putting out. It is this this is obviously just Travis County, Bruce Elfant, the tax Assessor collector on the Travis County Side puts out this chart every day. the Williamson County side puts out kind of regular numbers, but I thought this comparison was really interesting. You can see that we are on pace to beat turnout from 2016 and from 2012 and we are inching up towards the 2008 turnout, but it doesn't look like we will get there at least not through early vote unless everybody goes out to vote today but of course, the election day is on Tuesday, so we wanna make sure everybody gets out to vote and casts your ballot in the primary election. Alright, hopefully everybody's seen that enough. I'm gonna make that go away. you can find that chart on Bruce Elfant's Facebook page or the Tax-Assessor Collector site for Travis County. this primary election is really important. There are a lot of candidates on the ballot. I've made a few recommendations, although not in every race but a few recommendations on my website I will put the link to that in the comments of the Facebook post so you can go and see some additional resources where to pull up your sample ballot links to the Statesman and Chronicle's endorsements links to the League of Women Voters Vote411 website that has questionnaires and answers and more information about the candidates. make sure you get out and cast your vote. It is a really. Really important election that you have the candidates that you support and that you love make it into the general as we head towards a very important election in November. that is all we're gonna talk about today. I'm gonna bring my.... credits there they are thanks again everybody for watching get out to vote. It is so critical that we do that. I hope this information was valuable. You can contact my office if you have any other questions is the official website. is my campaign website. I hope I can count on your support and your vote this coming November. We'll make sure you go to the primary right now.

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