Traffic & Mobility

Austin is a city that has always struggled to plan for growth, spending the last 30+ years using a patchwork approach to address land use and transportation issues. It's easy to understand why the politics of the past have failed — those are difficult conversations that take a whole lot of political courage. But when we dodge major decisions, our residents pay for it dearly.

Perhaps no district has been hit harder than ours — living on the forgotten edge of the city means we have limited mobility options within a recently-built environment. While we have made significant progress elevating the issues of NW Austin, we must think bigger and bolder to address our traffic issues.

Transportation solutions include:

  • Completing TxDOT's proposed 620 improvements including rebuilding the intersection of Anderson Mill & 620 and rebuilding 620 between Anderson Mill and 183 to provide grade-separated roadways
  • Implementing the regional vision of Project Connect — a core high-capacity system from North to South Austin with a line to the airport and underground service through downtown, new city-wide priority bus routes, new commuter bus routes into Four Points, improvements to the Red Line, neighborhood circulators, long-term sustainable funding, and an independent oversight body to manage implementation
  • Expanding our neighborhood speeding pilot program into neighborhoods across District 6

  What we've already accomplished

  • Anderson Mill Road under construction
  • Bypass road at 2222 & 620 under construction
  • 183 Express Lanes approved
  • Capital Metro bus stop improvements
  • School safety improvements at Live Oak Elementary & Deerpark Middle School
  • School safety improvements for the Holy Family school campus on Neenah Rd.
  • Pedestrian improvements at Westwood High School
  • Improved drop-off areas for Spicewood Elementary
  • New traffic signals funded on Anderson Mill Rd and Avery Ranch Blvd
  • New sidewalks funded on McNeil Rd
  • Neighborhood speeding pilot program in Davis Spring neighborhood
  • Partnered with Williamson County to add turn lanes on Lakeline Blvd
  • Partnered with Williamson County for school safety improvements at Elsa England Elementary, Pearson Ranch Middle School, and Patsy Sommer Elementary
  • Amending the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan to add future roadways in D6 that will help alleviate congestion on Parmer Ln, help with access to Vandegrift HS and Four Points MS, and add new transit priority and commuter routes 
  • Fought hard against efforts that reallocated funds away from previously-approved improvements on 620 by supposed "centrists" on CAMPO